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Once upon a time, in the distant 1960s, two people fell deeply in love.


Together, they shared a passion for crafting their own teddy bears, imbuing each with a distinctive personality and magic.


They planned to enjoy many adventures in their shared life, seeing the sights of so many beautiful countries.


When they decided to marry, rather than exchanging rings, they created special teddy bears for each other, to show their love.


Ever since, they have taken the bears with them everywhere they go.


Now, the teddy bears are filled with as much life, love, and magic as the couple that made them.


Together, they enjoy their own adventures, exploring the world in style – as so many of us would love to!


On each trip, these wonderful bears get to know more about each other, delve into the local culture, and feel their shared belief grow stronger: love has no boundaries.


They embody their creators' love, and share their message of togetherness and the power of friendships.


Together, they want to show everyone why times with our loved ones should be cherished.


At Cookies & Chocolate Makers, our selection of sweet treats are the perfect gift for all occasions. Just like our beloved bears, our confectionery is crafted with love, and continues to just get better and better with age.


Our range of gifts are beautifully decorated with snasphots of our bears on their journeys, featuring images from around the world: London; Paris; and many more. 


Cookies & Chocolate Makers' treats are crafted by the most skilled, experienced hands, creating delicious gifts that are as irresistible as they are unforgettable.


Embrace the moment. Embrace the sweetness of life.



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